Aqualoop Hot Water Controller

It's much more than a switch.

Knowing how much hot water is in your tank at any moment enables you to save energy, time and money by heating only the amount of water you need, when you need it. You'll know how much hot water you have without running the tap: a win-win for you and the environment.

Unobtrusive, by design.

Rather than change our habits to suit modern electronics, we believe that new technology should fit seamlessly into our lives. Aqualoop was designed from the start to be easy to install and easy to use. No plumbing needed. No batteries to replace. Its sleek, pure white design blends naturally into any wall, lighting up only when needed. You can use it as a sophisticated heater switch, or take full advantage of its advanced features. This time it's up to you.

Remote control.

Connect Aqualoop to your home WiFi network to access even more benefits. With Aqualoop's free smartphone app you can control your hot water remotely. See how much hot water you have in the tank and switch the heater on (or off) from the gym or the office, before you start the journey home.
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Simple to use.

Water Temperature Indicator

Water Temperature Indicator

Tap on the front surface and the display magically lights up. The number of red dots shows how much hot water is in the tank.

Water Heater Control

Water Heater Control

A second tap on the display will turn on your heater. Watch the blue dots turn red as your water heats up.


Schedule your week

Program your weekly schedule using our free smartphone app or secure webpage for peace-of-mind. Aqualoop will take care of the rest.

Schedule your week.

With Aqualoop connected to your home WiFi, take advantage of its advanced weekly scheduling to make sure that you always have hot water when you need it. Aqualoop lets you program as many temperature setpoints as you like, with 15-minute resolution over the week. No need to wake up an hour earlier in the morning to switch on the heater. What's more, unlike traditional timers, Aqualoop won't turn on if you already have enough hot water, making it great for combining with other water heating systems, such as solar panels, oil or gas burners.


Hassle-free installation.

Aqualoop must be installed by a competent electrician. You can either arrange your own installation, or book an installation through us, and we will arrange everything for you using our network of trained installers in your area. Our approved installers can also assist you with the connection of your Aqualoop to the internet, and show you how to use our free app for complete control of your hot water.


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